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The key to every Handmade from Tanzania product is the people we employ and the quality of produce we source.

For years in Tanzania, handlooming was a dying craft. The springboard of the idea for our company was to employ people whom we knew had the skills but did not have a vehicle to sell their products. We continue this philosophy by implementing a rolling training programme where these skills are passed on to a new generation of willing recipients.

Improving the economic welfare of all of our staff is central to what we do. This means a good living wage to everyone. Consequently turn over of our staff in non-existent all of those who have joined us tend to stay and help us grow and prosper.

We are continuously experimenting and expanding the range of techniques we apply. This has the double benefit of widening the skill sets of our staff while also providing new and innovative products for our customers to enjoy.



Our first loom was built in 2009 and since then our enterprise has grown to include a team of 16 full time staff. Each and every product goes through an entire process from raw cotton, dyeing, setting up each loom and then the hand looming itself.

We have 4 large looms producing cotton fabric continuously. Thereafter our 4 machinists use the fabric to make our unique range of products.

We see ourselves as a small community and happily welcome visitors to our workshop where you can see all of the stages at production.

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